My Quest for God

For most of my adult life, I have been impacted by the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict. As I understand it, the primary purpose of the Benedictine charism is to seek and to find God. Over the years I have found God in many expected and traditional ways–a Benedictine Monastery, service as a Roman Catholic Priest, and a life of prayer and work. I have also found God in some more surprising ways–as a happy Episcopalian, as a Gay man, and as one who has experienced struggles with addiction and recovery. I was the co-founder of a contemporary (non-traditional) monastic Community and also participated for several years in another Episcopal Community. My life has been, by times, confusing, messy, troubled–but also exciting, joy-filled and energizing. Along the way, I have been blessed with love, support, hope and encouragement from many sources. My motto, and my hope for the totality of my life is that “In all things God may be glorified.” In this blog I hope to share things that help me find God: my own thoughts, images and things from others which help me. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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