Finding God in the preached word — Father Andrew

I had trouble posting this earlier in the week. Let me try again.

An important way that I have found God over the years—and heard God’s voice is in the word of God proclaimed and preached. My pastor, Fr. Andrew (The Reverend Canon Andrew J. Gerns, Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Easton, PA) is a gifted preacher. Over the many years that I have been a member of the parish, I can not think of a single sermon I have heard him preach which did not interest me, comfort me—or challenge me and cause me to think about something in a new way. His sermon, this past Sunday, though, was an especially good one. I will share with you a few thoughts which I took away from it. Though I should warn you of a fact which any experienced homilist knows well—people often “hear” things which the preacher did not in fact say. But this is what I heard—as I remember it,

“This season celebrates God’s generosity.”

“Logos (Jesus as the Word of God) is the best word ever.”

“To imitate the Word is to do acts of love, kindness and mercy.”

“Christians were unusually compassionate to their neighbors.” That is the reason that membership in the Church grew so quickly in the early church.

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