“Entertaining Angels unawares”

The Letter to the Hebrews reminds us of the importance of hospitality–lest we “entertain Angels unaware.” A few times in my life I have encountered people who not only profess this charism, but who actually live it. One of those unexpected gifts in my life has been the Revered Canon Laura Thomas Howell, Obl. S. B. who has just retired as the Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Bethlehem, PA. Mother Laura has been my boss for three months and has had an impact on my life which has been truly transforming–she is indeed a messenger of God’s love and grace to me–an “angelon.”. At every significant stage of my life God has provided me with a mentor and friend who has guided me in moving from one place to another. Quite honestly, I do not think that my present growth, hope and strength would have been possible without the encouragement and help which Mother Laura has given me. I am, honestly, sad that I will not be able to work with her day in and day out for many years. But my gratitude outweighs my sadness. I remember her this weekend as the parish gives thanks for the gift her ministry over many years. God grant her many happy years.


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